Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A New Graphical Reverse Engineering Tool

When I was working on F-Zero VS, I took a screenshot of my desktop to remember my work environment:

Pictured: Snes9x with Geiger's debugger mod, and Notepad with TRaCER output.

When it comes to reverse engineering SNES ROMs, this is pretty much the "state-of-the-art", given the tools available are scarce. While reverse engineering work is enjoyable, its also tedious, inefficient and slow.

I have been contacted by many people asking me to do various hacks, including converting many different games to multiplayer. I really would love to help but finding the time seems impossible for me. If only there was a faster way... I love reverse engineering for all platforms, not just SNES, and want to see new developments in this field. I am thinking of writing a SNES tool that shows code execution graphically, also allowing you to quickly isolate code sections.