Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some more info

1) Multiple players can select the same car type.

2) The first car is always pink, the second is always blue, the third is always green and the fourth is always yellow regardless on the car type. I did it this way so that no one got confused who was who when the same car type was selected. Also it looks good! The images below show a three player game with a pink wild goose and two fire stingrays.
IMAGES: 1) player 1 and 2 starting views, and 2) car positioning and orientation working.

3) This is not just a SNES ROM and will not work on any normal emulator. It is a 'system' that requires a specific version of Snes 9x that I modified in order to work as well as server software.

4) F-Zero uses a series of lap checkpoints for updating the race progression (things like opponent steering, when an opponent should overtake you, ranks etc). As you can see above, I have the rank shown incorrectly (green car is first when it should be third) but when the car moves to the next checkpoint (very close) the rank will be updated correctly.

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