Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hi, to anyone that is listening (anyone?)

echo echo echo

I haven't been working on this project due to some other work that is taking all my time and is of a higher priority.

But I have not forgotten about FZVS and it will be finished.


emodel said...

good to know
I'm dying to play this game with a friend.
To me it's the best in the serie (talking atmosphere, gameplay, graphics, musics...).
Please don't give up !!!


Anonymous said...

Me and my friend realy seem to remember, that we played the game in multiplayer...but we were young and maybe we are mixing something up. But your project seems to make it possible for us to make this memory become a true one.
So I would be very glad to see the project in 1.0

michael said...

Hmm, F-Zero was definately only single player.. maybe you are thinking about F-Zero Maximum Velocity for GBA?

emodel said...

maybe a Christmas gift, then ;)